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Simply unzip the Arccivo, remove the two protective felt sheets and start your layout on the Arccivo's built-in work surface. Lay out your pictures, paper and embellishments that correlate with the particular layout you are working on, place the protective sheets over the layout, zip it up, and walk away. No need to worry about that in-progress pages when life suddenly interrupts…or when the creative juices just aren't flowing. Design. Save. Go.

More than just scrapbooking… The Arccivo magnetic portfolio is perfect for, quilting, card making, jewelry making, paper crafts, rubber stamping and pressing flowers. It even makes a great portfolio for event planners, wedding planners, interior decorators and landscape designers. The possibilities are endless!

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April 2008
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January 2008
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Great New Scrapbooking Ideas for Scrapbook Supplies!

Scrapbooking ideas are hard to come by - are you looking for some new scrapbooking ideas or a way to improve the WAY you scrapbook? Let Arccivo help you change the way you do your scrapbook storage! Arccivo is a revolutionary way of keeping your scrapbooking supplies and layouts in a handy scrapbook tote, without having to take apart your already created pages! Don't let your creativity fall apart just because you need to take a break. Instead, place all your scrapbooking supplies and your great scrapbooking ideas on an Arccivo page, move around, fold up when you need that break, take your break, and then return to your page JUST AS YOU LEFT IT! Here is a familiar scene. You just finished your best layout with some of the best scrapbooking ideas you've ever had and all of your scrapbooking supplies are in place- and the phone rings. Its your friend! You talk to her for over an hour, and realize the kids are coming off the bus in a few minutes! Normally - you'd be stressing, since they seem to enjoy pulling your pages apart to see the mementos and images. But not with Arccivo - instead - you simply place your magnetic page over your scrapbooking supplies, close the Arccivo, and you have the perfect scrapbook tote to store away until your next spare moment - whether that moment is later that evening or in three weeks. Arccivo keeps your scrapbooking ideas AND your scrapbooking supplies in storage until you are ready to finish.

Introducing Arccivo - Your solution for scrapbook storage and the best in scrapbook totes

Scrapbook totes are everywhere - but can you find one that actually helps you keep your scrapbooking ideas intact? Arccivo is the newest idea in scrapbook storage and the newest invention in scrapbook totes. It's an easy way to save your designs when life interrupts. Imagine you created several pages full of scrapbooking supplies and layouts at your kitchen table at 3pm and you have 5 minutes until the bus comes. You need to clear out before the kids interrupt. Simply cover your pages with the magnetic covers, place in your Arccivo, close, and you have your ideas contained in one of the best scrapbook totes. AND - best of all, you have enough time to make a tea before the kids arrive! This is the most useful way to keep all of your creative scrapbooking ideas intact until you are ready to work again. Not only that it's a scrapbook tote-an easy way to move from kitchen table to dining room table to crop without disrupting your creativity! Now imagine you are scrapbooking with friends. You can bring your scrapbook storage with you when you arrive, and neatly layout your designs. Your scrapbook supplies and page mementos are easily placed on the Arcivvo. When you are done with the evening, simply cover, snap the scrapbook totes closed, and you are ready to go - even if your pages are not quite done!

Don't let Interruptions get in the way of your scrapbooking ideas....

Life is full of interruptions, but you shouldn't let that slow down your artistic flow and halt your scrapbooking ideas. That's why there's Arccivo, the scrapbook storage design solution that saves you time by protecting your in-progress creations and maintaining your great scrapbooking ideas. Arccivo's unique scrapbook storage surfaces let you explore new layouts and the strong magnetic sheets hold your designs and your scrapbooking ideas in place. So you can always pick up right where you left off. With Arccivo, it doesn't matter whether you're at a convention, a friend's house or your kitchen table, you're always ready to scrapbook at a moment's notice. Just open your Arccivo scrapbook storage and use the best new invention in scrapbook totes!

Keep your scrapbooking supplies organized...

And when you do pick up where you left off - all your supplies and layouts will be just as you left them. No need to remeber that the picture goes here, next to the ribbon and the event program. Since you used Arccivo, the layout is just as you left it - all your ideas are intact! And here is a another great feature - the Arccivo helps you define YOUR space with its unique scrapbook storage design. When open, the Arcivvo gives you two pages of side-by-side space at the table, and no one can crowd you out. It also stores your scrapbooking supplies so they are at your fingertips when you are ready to use the. These Arccivo scrapbook totes are perfect for you and your scrapbooking friends! Why not buy each of your friends the best idea in scrapbook storage - the Arccivo scrapbook totes! They will love their new scrapbook storage and the organization they will have with all their scrapbooking supplies.

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